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Who We Are and What We Do:

The mission of the club is to continue to create, protect and maintain riding areas,events and awareness for people to enjoy the ATV sport and the outdoors safely. We will work with governments and the community to make sure we all continue to have safe places to ride. The club also creates a link for families to meet new riding groups and for members to enjoy mother nature and new friends. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a first time ATV rider having a place to ride and people to ride with are two keys to getting the most fun out of the sport. One of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to hook up with a local club, PORVC for instance and get in on one of their organized rides. Portage Off Road Vehicle Club will typically organize rides and get together a number of times a year for their members and potential members. Outings are always started a meet and greet, a ride through known trails and hopefully some sweet grub. If you're new to ATVing, sometimes it can be difficult to find riders like yourself, so coming to an organized ride can help you find people that like to sling mud or explorer the great outdoors as much as you do.If you have a group of people you ride with already it can be a way of meeting more riders, exploring new areas and learning new skills to enhance your riding experience. If nothing else it will give you an opportunity to show off your shinny new ride. Riding with a club is one of the best possible ways any person that has just purchased a new ATV or just entered into the sport can find out about the availabilities of rides, trails, locations, cool places to go, and enjoy things that you may never get to see if you didn't join a club. So if you own an ATV you could take the next step and get involved with Portage Off Road Vehicle Club. What you will find are a lot of friendly and welcoming members to help you get the most out of your ATVing experience.